Years of IT experience

Our engineers provide you with many years of experience in a variety of fields, providing you with the knowledge you need for your next projects.

With several engineers with 10+ years of Zabbix experience we are very skilled at picking up your Zabbix or other IT related projects. All our engineers are certified, multiple are even official trainers! We are your Zabbix partner.

Need help with your IT projects? Ask our experts

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When you are looking for highly skilled Network, Linux, Zabbix and other IT engineers we are your partner. We have several skilled engineers at the ready for you to provide answers to all of your questions and make your next projects a great success.

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If you need a highly skilled external employee to provide a fresh look and up-to-date knowledge, look no further as we provide employees for posting at your company for short or long lasting projects so you don’t have to search long for the perfect engineers.

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Helpdesk Services

With highly skilled engineers in almost any field of IT we provide professional helpdesk services. Some of the biggest companies in the world use our services to keep their 24×7 operations running smoothly. With our helpdesk services, you can rest easy night and day knowing we are just one call away.

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Zabbix Services

With many years of Zabbix experience and as official partner we are here to provide anything you need for Zabbix. Therefore, we create complete Zabbix setups, templates and provide official support for your Zabbix setups.

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Zabbix Training

Our own highly skilled and experienced Zabbix trainers are able to provide all official trainings, but also custom trainings. We can provide them online, as public sessions or as in-company to get your employees up to speed with everything there is to know about Zabbix monitoring.

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Zabbix Support

If you have any problems with your network, linux servers or Zabbix installation do not worry. We are here to help you troubleshoot any of these issues and more. Our engineers are all experienced with extensive troubleshooting and know how to look at the right angles.