Certified user

Become a ZABBIX Certified User

This one day training course is designed for engineers and managers that are new to Zabbix and would like to learn the potential of the product. It ocovers most frontend sections and how to use them.

This consist oflectures and hands-on exercises performed in a virtual lab environment provided to you by our team. The exercises teach you to perform configuration and operational tasks by following along with procedures laid out in provided lab guides, to exercise the features in focus throughout the training.

Throughout the duration of the course you will have unrestricted acces to your lab environment which will continue to be available for additional practice for 24 hours after the class ends. Comprehensive course materials containing theory and practical exercises will be provided during the course.

Copies of the slide decks will also be provided at the end of he training.

Our trainers are highly qualified to make sure you get the right personal attention in training.

We provide official Zabbix training, which means you’ll be officially Zabbix certified after finishing our training.

Our services are provided worldwide, either online or in-house.

Not only do we provide Zabbix training, but also other Zabbix/IT services.

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''Opensource ICT Solutions is an amazing company that offers a wide variety of (Zabbix) training. I am very satisfied with the amount of knowledge they provide on the subjects and I am happy to know a company with such skilled employees.”

Sander Klein - Linux Guru

What you will learn

Have you ever wondered how to understand all the data Zabbix retrieves? Have you ever struggled to quickly see where problems started, or what piece of the infrastructure should get some more attention?

Course Objectives

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Describe the key features of Zabbix;
  • Configure Zabbix Frontend;
  • Create your own maps;
  • Find data effectively;
  • Find and navigate through problems;
  • Understand how Zabbix gets it data;
  • Know the potential of the product;

Course and exam

As this is an official Zabbix training, it will include always a certificate of Attendance, issued by Zabbix.

We will conclude the day with the official (online) Zabbix exam, wich will provide you the Certificate of Completion upon passing the exam.

The exam consists out of 20 multiple choice questions regarding the topics that are coverd throughout the course.

Online training

We provide official online Zabbix training. As a modern company we utilise modern tools to make sure that we can provide our services globally without compromising on quality and results.

In-house training

We provide official in-house Zabbix training. If you want to train your team to work with Zabbix, we can provide training on site. One of our trainers will teach your employees to be real Zabbix experts.

Official certification

We are an official Zabbix trainer and partner and thus provide you with the official certifications. Real Zabbix knowledge with real papers.

Expert trainers

Our trainers have many years of experience working with Zabbix. This way we can guarantee a high level of expertise when we provide training to you.