Automation and Integration with Zabbix API

Automation and Integration with Zabbix API

The Automation and integration with Zabbix API course is intended for students with advanced Zabbix knowledge who wants to extend Zabbix possibilities beyond the functionality offered by the Zabbix frontend.

Our trainers are highly qualified to make sure you get the right personal attention in training.

We provide official Zabbix training, which means you’ll be officially Zabbix certified after finishing our training.

Our services are provided worldwide, either online or in-house.

Not only do we provide Zabbix training, but also other Zabbix/IT services.

“Opensource ICT Solutions is an amazing company that offers a wide variety of (Zabbix) training. I am very satisfied with the amount of knowledge they provide on the subjects and I am happy to know a company with such skilled employees.”

Sander Klein - Linux Guru

What you will learn

The course is designed to provide a detailed and in-depth study of Zabbix API functionality – like import host groups, generate reports, or integrate with other systems. Different use cases will be explained, from sending simple JSON RPC requests to writing complex scripts using python API wrapper.

Course and exam

The Automation and integration with Zabbix API course will include an official Zabbix  attendance certificate. There is no exam.

We provide hosted trainings on scheduled dates, online training and also in-house training. If you are interested in, in-house training please contact us.

Online training

We provide official online Zabbix training. As a modern company we utilise modern tools to make sure that we can provide our services globally without compromising on quality and results.

In-house training

We provide official in-house Zabbix training. If you want to train your team to work with Zabbix, we can provide training on site. One of our trainers will teach your employees to be real Zabbix experts.

Official certification

We are an official Zabbix trainer and partner and thus provide you with the official certifications. Real Zabbix knowledge with real papers.

Expert trainers

Our trainers have many years of experience working with Zabbix. This way we can guarantee a high level of expertise when we provide training to you.