Advanced Problem and Anomaly Detection

Advanced Problem and Anomaly Detection

The course aims to show Zabbix administrators how to find the most appropriate way of detecting problems and anomalies in different scenarios using Zabbix components. A true Advanced Problem and anomaly detection course!

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“Getting trained by an Opensource ICT Solutions trainer was a blast! Not only did we learn a lot at our in-company training, but we also had the privilege of asking an experienced Zabbix trainer a lot of questions about Zabbix that were previously left unanswered.”

Sandeep Badloe - Network Engineer

What you will learn

The course is fully dedicated to Problem and anomaly detection, from creating simple triggers to using new long-term analytics functions. Best practices would be demonstrated, like avoiding problem flapping and avoiding duplicated problems using Trigger dependencies or event correlations based on tags. It would also cover Zabbix tuning with detecting the most sensitive triggers and defining custom thresholds using context based user macros.

Course and exam

The Advanced Problem and anomaly detection course will include an official Zabbix  attendance certificate. There is no exam.

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Online training

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