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We offer all official Zabbix courses and if wanted even custom courses so you can become a real Zabbix Guru.

As Zabbix is extremely flexible, it can be daunting to get a solid grasp on how it works. A training is a great way to kickstart your knowledge.

Are you working with Zabbix for years already? No worries, there is always more to learn, best practices and different ideas on how things can be done.

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Our courses

Certified User

$750 / €550 / £450

Learn how to navigate the Zabbix frontend to view information. Get familiar with the first skills necessary to start working with Zabbix. Your first steps into becoming a real Zabbix guru start here.

Certified Specialist

$2450 / €1950 / £1700

Learn how to setup & configure Zabbix in SMBs and how to configure Zabbix for large companies like a real Zabbix Specialist. This course is your first step into becoming a real Zabbix admin with the knowledge to build your own setups.

Certified Professional

$2250 / €1850 / £1500

Learn how to manage big, distributed and highly loaded Zabbix installations for large companies. This course aims to give you all the knowledge you’ll need to work with Zabbix professionally.

Certified Expert

$2650 / €2500 / £2200

Learn how to use Zabbix with the knowledge and skills necessary to Design & maintain highly efficient & loaded setups with expertise in API, HA/DR, and DB partitioning.

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  • Certified Specialist
  • Certified Professional
$4700 $3760
€3800 €3040
£3200 £2560

Years of ZABBIX training experience

Opensource ICT Solutions has been providing Zabbix Training and services for quite some time. Based in The Netherlands, United States and United Kingdom we are able to focus on the Zabbix market worldwide.

We maintain a high quality training program as we’ve been trained by the developers of Zabbix. We’re an official partner and we are authorised to provide the official Zabbix training curriculum.

Addition courses

Automation and Integration with Zabbix API

$590 / €490 / £400

The course is designed to provide a detailed overview of the API  and how to build automation within Zabbix.



Advanced Zabbix Data Pre-processing

$590 / €490 / £400

The course will cover how to extract and transform information from different sources using Zabbix built-in functionality – without using external tools or scripts.

Advanced Zabbix Security Admin

$590 / €490 / £400

The course will cover how to protect Zabbix internal communications and secure sensitive information like user credentials or encryption keys.

Advanced Problem & Anomaly Detection

$590 / €490 / £400

The course is fully dedicated to problem detection, from creating simple triggers to using new long-term analytics functions.

Advanced SNMP monitoring with Zabbix

$590 / €490 / £400

The course is fully dedicated to SNMP monitoring and will show you how to build the best SNMP templates utilising both old and new features within Zabbix!