Solution Focused Engineering

At Opensource ICT Solutions we are driven to provide our customers with solutions tailored to their needs. Employees at our company keep this at their core and use this every day to make their projects a great success. We’re your Zabbix partner.


As a monitoring system is the ears and eyes of your environment it is extremely important to have a reliable setup. But what to do if your monitoring is unavailable? You don’t want to wait days or week until an engineer is available to help you out. For this reason precisely, we offer commercial support.

As a Zabbix partner we provide official suport contracts, which we can resell (you call Zabbix SIA to get support) or we can provide the first line support ourselves. Simply call us and we are available for you 24/7, without exceptions.


In order to fully utilize Zabbix, taking an official training is fastest way to kickstart your knowledge.

Amoung all Zabbix partners worldwide, a few of them have proven to have enough knowledge about the product to provide official Zabbix training. We are one of those few, and have been providing training since 2017. Since then we’ve had the priveledge to provide training sessions all over the world.


Whether you need just a few hours of help, a few days, weeks or even months, we are available to help you with all your Zabbix related matters.

As you might imagine we’re able to utilize years of experience to build the most efficient solutions possible. As we’re working with Zabbix every day on a lot of different environments we have solved a massive variety of challenges already.