Welcome! To our new websites

The new Opensource ICT Solutions websites are now officially live! We figured it was time to completely overhaul our look for our websites and so we put the time and energy into creating this new style. Checkout our websites below:


Opensource ICT Solutions Website


We have overhauled our main website, to create a solid landing page for all of our services. While Opensource ICT Solutions specialises in Zabbix, this is certainly not the only thing we do. We have engineers available for a variety of projects. Wether it’s Networking, Linux or software we’ve got your back. Check out this new website for a complete list of what we do.


Zabbix Training Website


Worldwide Zabbix training is one of the many Zabbix services we provide and we’ve made it easier than ever for our customers to get all of our training information. The new website will provide you with prices, course schedule and everything you need to know about your training. Once you’ve picked what you want to learn easily book your training on the website and you’re all set.


Zabbix Support Website


Looking for official Zabbix support and everything there is to know about it? Check out our latest overhaul of the Zabbix support website, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to pick the right support product. We’re here to provide support to you once you’ve made the right choice.


Zabbix Consultancy Website


Besides Support and Training, we do basically everything you could think of for Zabbix. We’ve listed all of these services in an structured manner, so you know exactly what we can provide you in terms of Zabbix consultancy. Check it out on the overhauled website.