Zabbix for MSP - Managed Service Providers

We are your global partner

As we have presence in the Netherlands, United States and United Kingdom, we can support you 24/7 with all your Zabbix needs. Whether it’s about a simple question or long term projects – we’re here. As official training partner, we can even train your engineers. Looking for more information?

Having worked at MSP’s ourselves, we understand your business, needs and requirements.

Monitor everything

Zabbix is supporting basically all protocols to gather, receive and process data!
There are no limits, whether you want to monitor infrastructure, desktops/laptops, applications or clouds – with Zabbix it is possible without trouble


Any scale

As Zabbix is build in such a way that it is able to expand and offload processes efficiently, there are virtually no limits on the amount of hosts, metrics or alerting rules.

There is no limit, so it is really up to you how far you would like to scale.


Single pane of glass

With Zabbix, everything will be presented and configured in one frontend. This way you don’t need to open multiple systems to get an overview of various customers. It’s just presented for you!


Configuration is done via this single pane of glass. No dragging around of config files, trying to keep everything synchronised or structured as Zabbix will take care of it for you



As MSP one of your main concerns is security. We understand that! All our solutions are security oriented and build following a set of best practices. The product allows encryption on all communication layers so there are no ‘hidden’ gaps in the security!

The product is open source, so you can just see the source code and convince yourself there are no loopholes.

Unlike other products, Zabbix does not need internet connection to work.


Distributed monitoring

With Zabbix proxies you can monitor equipment in various locations or even all over the globe.

You just deploy a proxy on the customer site, and let this component collect the data, which will then be sent back to the central Zabbix server.


Delivering monitoring under your own brand? It’s just possible. Upload your own logo, build your own theme/color scheme and Zabbix is rebranded to your own standards.

You can even add the links to your helpdesk so that your customers easily can get help from your engineers. Exactly what you want as MSP!

Integrate with other tools

Zabbix allows you to integrate with everything that is providing an API. Both for alerting, ticketing and gathering metrics. It’s just supported. Natively.

No need to change your current products, we just integrate with your current products. This way the adaptation within your company is fast and smooth


High availability


With the release of Zabbix 6.0, HA is not a wish and thought anymore. It’s here, resiliently, natively and fully supported! We have quite a bit of experience already with this native solution.



Tested more than any other feature, we are sure this feature will work in a way that you can just do a failover without being scared of things breaking.

Due to the fact the product is used by many big enterprises, we ensure you a stable product.



Did the primary server stopped working for some reason? Within seconds the secondary will take over the load and monitoring continues. Everything in order to assure your data is always available for you to work with. No gaps, no lost visibility – we understand the value of your data!




As official premium and training partner, we are available for you. 24/7. Globally.

Don’t need 24/7 support? No worries, 8/5 in your timezone is also no problem at all! Scroll down to see all options.

Nothing that fits your needs? No worries, contact us to explore the options. We’re quite flexible!

Support option!

MSP Standard MSP Premium
Number of hosts 50 100 250 500 1000 2500 5000 Unlimited
Number of customers Unlimited Unlimited
Number of metrics Unlimited Unlimited
Online support
Phone call support
Support availability 8x5 24/7
Initial response time 4 hours 4 hours
Number of incidents 5 10 15 20 unlimited
Support contacts Up to 3 Up to 5
Zabbix servers included 1 Zabbix server (no HA) Up to 3 Zabbix servers (HA)
Zabbix proxies included Unlimited Unlimited
List price €990 / £875 / $1190 €1900 / £1650 / $2290 €4500 / £3950 / $5400 €8500 / £7400 / $10200 €1900 / £16750 / $22800 €29000 / £25000 / $34800 €49000 / £42500 / $58800 Upon request
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