CSR statement

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement


Opensource ICT Solutions a group of companies in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States, providing services on a specific software product named ‘Zabbix’.

We do not produce our own products but only provide consultancy, support and training on Zabbix.


We define Corporate Social Responsibility as a constant promise to operate with great regard to the quality of life of our employees, the local communities where we operate and society at large. We are committed to do business in an ethical manner which yields long-term, sustainable benefits for all our stakeholders. We recognise how global, social and environmental factors are driving the need to re-examine the way that business is done. Opensource ICT Solutions continues to transform the way it incorporates sustainability into how we do business and we are committed to advancing further in this area.

Opensource ICT Solutions is committed to leading our industry in responsible human rights, community, environmental and governance practices. We are listening to our customers and distributors, non-governmental organisations, governments, investors and other partners, and we share their concerns for worker rights, safe and sustainable environmental practices, and managing risk across our operations. Our Responsible and Responsive Strategy commitment below illustrates how we are incorporating responsible and sustainable business within our business strategy:

CSR diagram

Roles and Responsibility

The management team of Opensource ICT Solutions, led by its CEO, is responsible for ensuring that our commitment as detailed in this statement is reviews and revised on a regular basis to reflect current sustainability requirements and expectations.