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Zabbix Google Maps (GeoMaps) frontend integration

The integration Recently we here at Opensource ICT Solutions have built a new integration for your Zabbix setup. A lot of Zabbix users have hosts that they want to display on the map. For example if you have Zabbix hosts that change location every few days or just to create an overview of your [...]

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Our first Zabbix goodie giveaway

We are happy to celebrate several new amazing customers join us in using Zabbix on a professional level. To celebrate this we are doing a giveaway with this amazing Zabbix goodie pack. Thank you customers for joining us and we hope to do many years of amazing monitoring solutions and other IT engineering with you [...]

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Zabbix and Opsgenie integration

When we look at this particular Zabbix instance we are working with around 400 network devices. Monitoring routers, switches and firewalls takes a lot of items and thus alerting can be tricky to setup and maintain. In big networking environments like the one we are working with here it is important that alerting is [...]

By |2020-05-28T15:03:15+02:00May 27th, 2020|Integrations, What's new, Zabbix|0 Comments
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