Zabbix engineers with heart for your business

Constantly expanding our knowledge to provide excellence to our customers

Opensource ICT solutions. Your Zabbix partner?

As we made Zabbix our core business, and not just a side gig, we gained a lot of experience over the years, rewarded with the official trainer status. We’ve seen a lot of different environments and built a lot of knowledge over time. This means we can help you on everything that is Zabbix releated – training, consultancy, support, turn-key solutions.

A Global view

As a modern company we try to automate as much as possible, in order to provide you the best consistent quality!

Expert Engineers

Our engineers are constantly working on the newest technologies, keeping up with the development and following trainings. Just to make sure we remain the experts!

Client Focus

Your business is our business. When we work on a project with your company we keep your business at heart, because in the end we take pride in your success as much as yourself.

Extensive Knowledge

With a diverse set of employees we make sure to keep our area of expertise wide. This way we can provide quality services on a wide variety of systems and software.

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Who we are

We’re driven, dedicated and smart, that means our employees provide IT services unlike any other company out there, because we keep your business ideals at heart. Makeing sure to deliver what we promise.

Opensource ICT Solutions is your worldwide Zabbix partner, ready to cover all your needs globally.

What we do

We mainly provide training and consultancy for the open source software Zabbix. But with our diverse background we can help with anything ranging from networking to linux related projects.

Opensource ICT Solutions, your Premium Zabbix partner in The Netherlands and soon to be Zabbix Premium partner in the United Kindom and United States.

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Where we work

Our expertise goes beyond border. With Opensource ICT Solutions B.V. in The Netherlands, Opensource ICT Solutions LLC in America, and Opensource ICT Solutions LTD in the United Kingdom we can cover your projects globally.

Are you located in a different country? No problem!

Questions about our IT services? Ask our experts.

Our latest courses

As official Zabbix Training partner, we schedule a quite a few public trainings throughout the year. Below are the next planned courses listed.

Looking for another date, or custom / in-company training? Just contact us and we will find the best possible solution!